During these uncertain times, Plasdene Glass-Pak is proud to be a trusted and reliable supply chain partner, providing continued commercial support and quality packaging to brand owners and SME businesses producing essential products nationally. Our goal is to remain operational throughout the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure packaging supply lines remain open and our clients can continue to manufacture and deliver packaged food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cleaning goods to all Australians.

Our clients are relying on us now more than ever to maintain effective supply channels, because keeping our community safe is paramount.

Our quality assured 200ml Amber Glass Poison Embossed Bottle with 24mm Tamper Evident finish fits the bill, and is in stock available to supply. This bottle is usually sold with a CRC (Child Resistant Closure) or a TamperTel pharmaceutical closure. Product code IM-200-1384-AM

 This bottle is suitable for:-

  1. Eucalyptus oils & household cleaning products
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Antiseptic
  4. Natural pharmaceutical/natural healthcare
  5. Chemical applications such as nit treatment


Additionally, we supply an extensive range of glass and plastic bottles and jars for tablets, liquids, oils and creams, plus plain and custom closures, sprayers, lotion pumps, syringes, and dosing systems. Together with cartons, cubes and drums for bulk storage.

Our clients can rely on us for an inherent quality focus and quality assured packaging, supply flexibility, stability, reliability and outstanding service. Our customers benefit from our broad scope sourcing capabilities, buying power with the world’s largest and best packaging manufacturers, inventory management control, national warehousing and low-cost and flexible supply options.

A passionate family business, Plasdene Glass-Pak is committed to delivering innovation, high quality standards and service excellence for our thousands of clients (big and small,) across Australia. We thank you for your support during this challenging time.