Dodecagon - BC-465-041-FL

465ml Flint Glass Dodecagon Jar 70mm Twist Finish
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Closure Options

Closure CodeDescriptionSizeMaterialColourOther Information
CL-70-2153-GD 70mm Gold Metal RTO (Regular Twist Off) No Button Puff Compound Cap 70mm Metal Gold Suitable for Hot or Cold Fill and can be hand or machine applied.
CL-70-2251-BK 70mm Black Regular Twist with Step (RTS) No Button Puff Compound Metal Twist Closure N/A Tin Plate Black This closure has a puff compound for high acid resistance, suitable for hot or cold fill and may be hand or machine applied.
CL-70-2276-WT 70mm White Metal RTS (Regular Twist with Step) No Button Puff Compound Twist Closure 70mm Tin Plate White N/A