“Giorno della salsa”, otherwise known as Passata Day or Tomato Sauce Day is a long loved tradition where Italian families from all over the world come together to make, bottle and preserve tomato Passata. While a delicious tradition, the call of tomato sauce bottling season stands for so much more than the jars of sauce stacked up at the end of the day. It also stands for family, the coming together of generations, and for making something together that can be shared by all. From the end of January through to March each year, we see the number of visitors to our Packaging Plaza Showrooms swell, as Italian family members stop by to stock up on their bottles, jars and closures, ready for the annual event. As a family business ourselves, Plasdene Glass-Pak, through our supply of glass containers available to the public, has long enjoyed being a part of the tomato season, as we swap stories and say hello to returning customers, whom year on year, have become steadfast friends.


Once a year, from February through March, Italian families turn their backyard into a Passata-making hub, inviting relatives and friends to help transform Summer’s tomato harvest into fresh tomato sauce. The passata making is a fun but well-oiled operation in which everyone has a specific role. Children might place a few basil leaves in each prepared passata bottle that have been washed and dried by the women in advance; the women chop the tomatoes; the men operate the machinery; and one of the most experienced women in the group, a Passata veteran, pours the Passata, as wastage of any of the labour of love purée is never tolerated! This age-old Italian tradition that culminates in a celebratory lunch starring the fruit of their labour – fresh, delightfully acidic and tasty tomato sauce.


Our excitement for this season stems from the opportunity to support other families and family businesses. Each year our 640ml Long Neck Beer Bottle is most popular during the tomato season, due to this product’s value for money and suitability for tomato sauce bottling, sealed with a crown seal.. For a more traditional choice, we recommend the 720ml Flint Glass Passata Sauce bottle with a wider 58mm Twist Finish.


We sell hundreds of thousands of bottles and jars, sold in small packs through our Packaging Plaza showrooms, loaded into car boots and on the back of utes, bound for Nonna’s kitchen around Australia. We are honoured to be a part of this age-old Italian tradition and we love to see families connect, tell their stories, and of course share in the delicious end product together.